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Narcissism: Changing Your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Profile Picture Every Day?

You’ve seen them on your Facebook timeline. It’s that guy or girl who is constantly taking selfies and changing their profile picture, as if they’re God’s gift to Mankind and need to remind us of that absolute truth. They’re ****ing annoying, unless you’re just like them and you subscribe to it as well. It’s one of those things that just irks and it happens so often that we ignore it – is it Narcissism.

Lately however, I’ve been seeing it all happen much more frequently, and sometimes from people who don’t come off as narcissistic or socially un-endowed so it made me wonder. IS there some kind of relationship between selfie-taking-profile-changing behavior and Narcissism?

There’s been a few studies on the subject. I like this particular study which investigates socially aggressive narcissism but those researchers link social media with Narcissism in general . My question is much more specific. The truth is if you’re changing your profile picture every day or every week, or hell, even every month, you’re looking for attention. Very few people, in my humble opinion, have a reason to change their profile picture so often. But, does that mean Narcissism?

I’ve even seen a number of people Photoshopping or “filtering” their new photos before posting – doing things like removing wrinkles and blemishes. Really? Is it so important for you for your own friends and acquaintances to see you so beautiful all the time. Don’t get me wrong – I think appearance is important but where do we draw the line? And the worst of it is we all embolden and encourage that kind of behavior by clicking that ever so ubiquitous like button. We all like to look at, associate with and claim some sort of connection with beautiful people – men or women. There are even a number of groups dedicated to beautiful people  where membership is based on whether other members vote you to be beautiful or not. Insane!

What about us non-beautiful people with average looks or who don’t spend hours in front of the mirror with an endless attempt at selfies that accentuate our best features just so that we can get a couple hundred likes? Are we simply mad about this whole thing because we’re just not as beautiful?

Will a couple of plastic surgeries change our behavior? It’s a little like how so many of us dream of being wealthy – always promising to change the world for the better and donating to charitable organizations – but if or when we ever get there we quickly forget our self-made promises.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.

Hey beautiful people – quit it with the over-the-top showing off. We’re all starting to get a little sick of your attitude! (maybe)

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Dr. Joseph A.E. Shaheen
Computational Social Scientist.

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