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HR Industry Forecast: Reflection on 2014 and 2015 Predictions

2014 was a bit of a slow year for HR professionals in terms of exciting advances. We did see some kind of split between SHRM and HRCI, LinkedIn has completed its relative replacement of the job posting market with LinkedIn Recruit, and there is now a new HR blog popping up every 0.12456 seconds (I made that last one up).

As usual HR catches up to trends a year or two behind the rest. It’s not that Big Data is a new concept or anything. Big Data is mostly what was called Business Intelligence or Analytics just a few short years ago, but nonetheless, it’s a trend (approaching fad) which HR will catch up to.

This year, we’ll see a lot more presentations at conferences talking about the cool and supposedly new methods that you can integrate big data with your HR operational decision-making, as well as how to mine information about your own workforce – something that is usually and already being done by most departments at top firms for other purposes. The blogosphere will catch up to the BD fad as well, except that it’s still relatively difficult for HR bloggers to write those list articles that everyone seems to love so much (the 7 steps of bla bla bla, and the 10 ways of yada yada yada).

Big movers and shakers like IBM will be continuing their push into the socio-technological transformation of the HR function, and they’ll continue claiming that what they do has nothing to do with HR, which will continue to promote the fantasy that HR professionals are paper-pushers who only worry about legal or social issues in the workplace. (As this engineer what I think HR does! I’ll tell you!)

For me, 2014 was a tough year personally, and in other ways, but it was also filled with successes, and a whole lot of lessons learned. So 2015 will be a year where I finalize some ideas that have been roaming around my little head for quite some time, and for cleaning up of old ideas that have simply not worked for me. I plan on getting back on the speaker circuit this year with a couple of small or medium events to share some of the ideas tested in my 2013-2014 innovation season (It’s been 2 years since my last speaking arrangement so I might be rusty). I start out by going to Cleveland, OH towards the end of this month to speak at CSHRM, so hopefully I will see you there!

Happy New Year peeps!

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Dr. Joseph A.E. Shaheen
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