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Hello everyone – it’s been a while (9 months to be exact).

It’s been a very busy period in my life these past few months, and I’ve had to redirect my energy towards research and teaching, but now I’ve finally able to focus and finish projects that I began a while back but simply did not have the time to finish. So this blog will serve as a quick announcement of sorts to my regular readers and subscribers.

The first piece of news is that I’m in the process of starting a new photography enthusiast website. I’ve recently been very interested in photography and the beautiful art and science of producing both still and video artwork, and I’d like to make that a part of my life going forward. It turns out that it’s a very expensive hobby to adopt, but it’s very satisfying nonetheless. So look for that announcement coming up soon.

Another major upcoming change is in this very website.

For years now, I’ve been mixing more academic content with more popularized content and it does cause a little bit of confusion on who this site is meant for. So I’ve had to take some time to reflect on and figure out what I want to be.

Is it for entertainment? Is it a cathartic release of random thoughts? Is to help a specific audience? Right now, it’s a little bit of everything and therefore it doesn’t quite work for any of the respective audiences that I attract. The plan, for now, is to separate the more academic content from the more popular content (like the posts about social media), with the academic or more complex system-type content taking on a whole new blog/website, with it’s own domain and brand. That blog will probably be a lot less blingy too.

The final change will be in the addition of tutorials and training to my collection of content on both this website and on the new academic blog. Depending on where the tutorials might be, they will have differing intended audiences. I’m at a point where I’m receiving regular requests to show code and methodology for some of my projects, so rather than have to correspond with each person, which can be repetitive, I’ll start posting methods and code to one of these blogs and then you can have that at your disposal.

I am also planning a Youtube channel with some video content in addition to the regular (josephshaheen) one.

Of course everything will link through the josephshaheen homepage in some way–even my new photography page.

I’m very excited about the upcoming changes, and I hope you are too. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Adios for now.

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Dr. Joseph A.E. Shaheen
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